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Museo civico Villa Priuli

Where VIA MARCONI, 58, Castello di Godego (Treviso)

Villa Priuli it’s one of the most interesting and valuable Godego villas for its harmonious architecture. It is the headquarter of Villa Priuli’s Cultural Centre, of Public Library and of Archaeological Museum.
It was built for the Priuli family and decorated by a wide series of frescoes by the 17th-century’s painter Paolo Piazza from Castelfranco.
Collections of relics are laid out inside, offering a significant representation of the evolution of civilization in Godego territory.
Most of the materials - recovered from the local “Archaeology and History Club” since 1975 – came from the territory of Castello di Godego, the most ancient and archaeologically fertile of all the Castellana area: we can admire the ceramic materials from the Bronze Age, coming from recoveries operated near the Motte area of Castello di Godego, a vast banked balk of great importance for cultural and astronomic vocations.
Inside the Archaeological Museum, besides a large number of shards, bowls and jars, there are also stone materials, as grindstones and querns.
Comparable materials came from the prehistoric Castelliere situated between Godego and Vallà di Riese Pio X.
The possibility to collect other relics, even via private citizen’s donations, make this embryo of an Archaeological Museum a cultural tool, vital to a renewed tourist, scholastic, civil fruition of the local heritage and territory.

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