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Museo di storia naturale e archeologia

Where VIA PIAVE, 51, Montebelluna (Treviso)

The Museum of Natural History and Archaeology, founded in 1984, is organised into 3 sections:
a) a natural science section subdivided into two subsections: Earth Sciences (5 halls) and Life Sciences (6 halls);

b) an archaeological section subdivided into two subsections: prehistory-protohistory (Ancient Venetians) and Roman age;

c) a detached section in Schievenin di Quero (BL).

The natural science collections on display at the museum include closed historical collections dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, and recent collections donated to or directly acquired by the museum. Most of those collections are closely linked either to the regional or the Italian territory. Nevertheless, there are also exotic collections of insects, birds, fish and mammals; mineral and geo-paleontological collections featuring pieces from all over the world are also on display .
The archaeological collections are mostly government-owned and stored at the museum and, only partially, municipality-owned. They are the result of donated materials collected prior to 1909 or of materials coming from abroad. The show-pieces stem from surface collections or excavations that took place in Montebelluna and its surroundings over the years.

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