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Centro di documentazione territoriale e Tane del Diavolo

Where Viale della Stazione, 1, Trevi (Perugia)
Territorial Documentation Center and the “Devil’s Den” Caves The Centro Territoriale di Documentazione e Tane del Diavolo is articulated in four sections. The Center offers a synthesis of the history of this territory from its origins to the modern age, with particular concern for the geological and archaeological aspects of the natural Caves of the so called Devil’s Dens, the “Tane del Diavolo”, which are right outside the locality of Parrano. Apart from the pre-historical finds, evidence of human presence since the Upper Paleolithic—20.000 B.C.—some funerary goods coming from a tomb of archaic age—6th-5th century B.C.—found in a locality called Podere Soriano close to Parrano and at the time under the rule of Orvieto and Chiusi, are part of the collection exhibited. The fourth section is dedicated to the Communal history from the Middle Age to modern times, illustrated through documents preserved in the Museum’s archives and pictures. Prior booked Guided Visits led by expert speleologists are organized to visit the Tane del Diavolo, which is the complex of natural Caves and Gorges excavated by the thermal running waters of the Bagno torrent, where the most ancient material of Orvieto’s territory come from.
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