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Centro visita e documentazione "Ugo Ciotti" - Carsulae

Where Località Carsoli, Terni
“Ugo Ciotti” Visiting and Documentation Center - Carsulae To the south of the archaeological area of Carsulae, the Centro Visita e Documentazione “Ugo Ciotti” has been in place since 2001. In large part, it displays uncommon material, result of the activity of research brought forward by the archaeologist Ugo Ciotti, between 1951 and 1972. While some parts of the structure are reserved for studying and documenting the southern territory of Umbria, in others the images and descriptions of the ancient town as they relate to the exhibited finds are displayed. Apart from proposing the tour itineraries to visit the town monuments, the Documentation Center supplies information concerning the sites, contributing to the spreading of the knowledge of the archaeological heritage present in the area of Terni and its province, which is in many cases linked up with the history of the Flaminian Way, the ancient Consular roads, constructed in 220 B.C. to connect Rome with the Adriatic Sea coast.
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