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Chiesa e Convento di San Francesco

Where Piazza San Francesco, Susa (Torino)
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The Church and the former Convent of St. Francis, built from the thirteenth century, have many fresco testimonies. The origin of the Convent has been attributed by tradition to the same Brother Francis: according to legend, when the first Minor Friars stopped in the city, received by a noblewoman of a place the ground where establish their community, and in return, Francis gave her a sleeve of his tunic, now preserved in the Church of Minor Capuchin Friars, in Annecy. The interior of the Church houses, in the right nave, a series of paintings of the fifteenth century depicting the evangelists and the apostles Peter and Paul, while the Chapter has a cycle with Franciscans saints and blessed. The New Sacristy is frescoed with the figures of the Virgin, the Magdalene and St. Bernard, while in the left nave, in the Chapel of the Nativity, it can see the fresco cycle dedicated to the theme of death and salvation. Since 2007 the Convent performs activities for groups and individual pilgrims.


Free entrance, every day.

Guided tours by appointment.
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