Luogo - Archaeological Area

Aree Archeologiche

Where Via al Castello, 16, Susa (Torino)

Susa, city of Celtic origin, with the Roman conquest became a focal point along the Via delle Gallie. Walking through quaint alleys and squares meet several monuments: the Arch of Augustus, built to enshrine the alliance concluded between Cozio, local sovereign, and Caesar Augustus, the first Roman emperor;  Celtic hollowed rocks, where in pre-Roman times were probably sacrificed animals; Graziano Aqueduct (fourth century AD), of which there are two large arches; Castrum (fourth century AD); Antonina Arena (second century AD), currently used for pageants and shows like the "Tournament of Historic Villages", which housed venationes, in which animals were killed before the duels between gladiators; Porta Savoia (III-IV century AD) who was leaning against, in the twelfth century, St. Giusto Cathedral; the traces of the ancient walls preserved along Via dei Fossali (current Corso Soviet Union). Recent work of remaking the central Savoia Square have unearthed some important structures related to the remains of the temple city, at the center of the hole.


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