Luogo - Museum

Casa Museo della Tecnologia Contadina

Where VIA REGINA MARGHERITA, 9, Suni (Oristano)

The House Museum "Tiu Virgiliu", located in the heart of the old town in Mesu 'e idda, is the living sign of popular culture planargese. In his eight original rooms, spread between two floors built in the nineteenth century and the first thirty years of the twentieth century, it shows the visitor scans of everyday reality, which revolve around a agro-pastoral system. Real breeding ground is the ground floor where there are the mill, the workshops of the blacksmith, and cobbler. Among these are inserted in respect of the country tradition, other elements such as the plow, the yoke, and activities such as threshing, the cycle of production of oil and wine and sieving the flour. Of particular value is the exhibition of antique toys and games.

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