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Where Macomer (Nuoro)
Macomer (Sardinian: Macumère) is a town and comune of Sardinia (Italy) in the province of Nuoro. It is situated on the southern ascent to the central plateau (the Campeda) of this part of Sardinia, at the junction of narrow-gauge lines branching from the main railroad line running east to Nuoro and west to Bosa. The district, especially the Campeda, is well suited for grazing and horse and cattle breeding, which is carried on to a considerable extent. History Macomer, known to the Greek geographer Ptolemy as "Macopsissa," has been inhabited since antiquity. In 1478 has been the scene of historic battle between the Sardinians and the Aragonese, which ended the independence of Sardinia. Since 1767, under the Kingdom of Sardinia, was the capital of the Marquisate of Marghine. The Marquisate included the nearby villages of Birori, Bolotana, Borore, Bortigali, Dualchi, Lei, Mulargia, Noragugume and Silanus. In a cave located in Marras area, in a gorge of the river S'Adde, was discovered in 1949 a statue called The Venus of Macomer, now kept in the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari. The artifact depicts a Goddess Mother dating back to the Palaeolithic period. It is about 14 centimetres (5.5 in) high and was built with local basalt. Nowadays, Macomer is a destination for tourists who wants to admire the beautiful landscape around the city. Main sights The region is richer in the bronze-age towers known as nuraghi than any other part of Sardinia. The old parish church of San Pantaleone has three Roman mile-stones in front of it, belonging to the Roman high-road from Carales to Turris Libisonis. A modern road now follows the ancient one. Recently an ethnographic museum called "Le Arti Antiche" (The ancient Arts) has been opened, where it is possible to see tools traditionally used for agriculture and livestock, folk costumes, and photographs. The Monte di Sant'Antonio (St. Anthony's Mountain) has a great historical and naturalistic importance; on 13 June of every year the anniversary of the Saint of Padua is celebrated there, which draws in thousands of faithful and tourists from all over Sardinia . References
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