Luogo - Historical building


Where Via Delle Conce, 17, Bosa (Oristano)

The complex of old tannery was built between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries on the left bank of Temo river, near Ponte Vecchio, and reached its maximum uptime in the nineteenth century, becoming the largest tanning center of Sardinia with twenty-eight facilities in operation. Completely abandoned in 1962, old tanneries have been classified as National Monument, The structures were subject to protection measures which enabled the recovery and development after the degradation caused by abandonment. It is a set of tanning plants occupying a 4.000 m² covered surface, extending with a repetitive modular scheme in side by side gables. Within individual structures, the area was divided into a ground floor with bath brick, where took place the leather processing, and an upper floor, where they proceeded to finish.

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