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Collezione Permanente Pinacoteca Antonio Atza

Where CORSO VITTORIO EMANUELE, 74, Bosa (Oristano)

Atza Gallery occupies the premises of former Municipal library. Inside is a rich permanent exhibition that lets you know the paintings by Antonio Atza, bosano of adoption, and discover various stages of his artistic career. The exhibition, divided into several rooms, is made up of works donated by the author to the City of Bosa and includes some of the earliest realistic performances, both those "surrealist" paintings that set it among Postwar Sardinian art protagonists. Important works of his artistic career are famous "Sands", painted at the end of the fifties, "Blues" of the early sixties and the works of clear Futuristic inspiration, as "Self" and "Sellers of jugs." A space is dedicated to the works of various artists with whom Antonio Atza had formed friendships: Stanis Dessy, Giovanni Thermes and Giovanni Pisano.


Every day 10:00 am 1:00 pm; 4:00/6:00 (on winter by reservation).

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