Luogo - Archaeological Area

Parco Archeologico

Where STRADA STATALE 292, SNC, Suni (Oristano)

The Archaeological Park of Suni was founded in 1998 and is part of an Integrated Cultural (Project SIC). Currently it consists of the Nuraghe "Seneghe", the Nuraghe complex "Nuraddeo" and the Necropolis at Domus de Janas "Chirisconis". The same project are also included the House of Technology Peasant "Tiu Virgiliu", named after its last owner, and the wetland "Pischina 'and Paule", located near Nuraddeo and naturalistic interest Community. Nuraghe Seneghe enjoys a dominant position on the wide valley of Modolo, Planargia in the region, in north-west Sardinia. The building, perfectly preserved example of Protonuraghe, is crossed longitudinally by a corridor with lintels, from which three niches. Both inputs are architraves. The tower high over 6 meters is constructed with basaltic blocks, devoid of machining and large in size, arranged in horizontal rows with wedges of being tucked. Nuraghe Nuraddeo is at the center of the plateau of Pedrasenta in Planargia region of north-west Sardinia. The dolmen is complex consists of a tower surrounded by a bastion of three towers connected by curtains straight. The entrance leads into a long corridor two meters leading to the courtyard in front of the main entrance to the keep. The open courtyard has a pentagonal with a curvilinear shape. Special features of the keep, currently approximately 14.10 meters high and well preserved than the bastion, is that in the last rows interrupts the inclination to become vertical retaining part of the terminal section of the tower on which the fixtures were large stone corbels forming the circular gallery and still visible in large quantities in the archaeological area. The necropolis domus de Janas "Chirisconis" is carved in a basalt outcrop overlooking the valley of the Riu Mannu, along the provincial road Suni-Pozzomaggiore, in "Badu 'e Crabolu". The complex comprises 12 burials ipogeico unicellular and multicellular, with access almost always consists of a vestibule. The buildings are of relatively modest size, often retain traces of paint on the walls (ocher) red.

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