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Museo dell'Olio e del Vino

Via Trieste, Squinzano, (Lecce)

The Oil and Wine Museum, in Negroamaro Park, was founded in 2007 on the initiative of Prof. Sergio Miglietta and the City, with the intent to protect and enhance the...

Edificio storico

Palazzo De Castro

Piazza Plebiscito, Squinzano, (Lecce)

The Palace was built in 1795 by the Count of Lemos, Dott. Consalvo De Castro, noble of an ancient Spanish family descendant by the Viceroy of Naples, and overlooks...

Punto di Interesse

Piazza Plebiscito e Vecchio Palazzo di Città

Via Trieste, 2, Squinzano, (Lecce)

Plebiscite Square is so named to commemorate the plebiscite which was declared the Unification of Italy, in 1860. Also known as "Men’s Square" because attended...

Edificio di culto

Cappella del Carmine

Via Matteotti, Squinzano, (Lecce)

The Chapel of the Madonna of Carmine, originally belonging to the feudal prince of Squinzano, is now owned by the heirs of the family Campa-Sansonetti. Annexed to the...

Edificio di culto

Cappella di San Salvatore

Piazza Carbonei, Squinzano, (Lecce)

The Chapel of St. Savior dates from the early seventeenth century. Originally it was smaller, with roof tiles, an altar with the image of the Savior and a single...

Edificio di culto

Cappella di San Leonardo

Via S. Leonardo, Squinzano, (Lecce)

The Chapel of St. Leonard and All Saints was erected at the beginning of the seventeenth century by Don Santo Serratì. The original Chapel had a vaulted ceiling and...


Museo Provinciale delle Tradizioni Popolari - Abbazia di Cerrate

SP 100 Squinzano Casalabate, Squinzano, (Lecce)

The Museum is housed in the adjacent thirteenth century Abbey of Santa Maria di Cerrate in the town of Casalabate about 7 km from the city. The Abbey was founded in...

Edificio di culto

Chiesa Matrice

Via San Francesco D'Assisi, Squinzano, (Lecce)

The Mother Church of Squinzano is dedicated to the Patron Saint Nicholas. Preserves a valuable wooden choir, carved in dark walnut in 1843 by Giuseppe Fella from...

Punto di Interesse

Corte Carboneri

Piazza Carboneri, 2, Squinzano, (Lecce)

The road connects Via delle Botteghe Nuove with Via Frassaniti and Plebiscite Square, and is the heart of the historical center of Squinzano, overlooked old houses,...

Punto di Interesse

Corte di Via Botteghe Nuove

Via San Anna Olmi, 1, Squinzano, (Lecce)

This street is one of the oldest in Squinzano: it has been reported already in the State of the Souls of 1681, which states that lived here 1\53 people in 38 houses....

Edificio di culto

Santuario dell'Annunziata

Via Torchiarolo, Squinzano, (Lecce)

The Church of the Annunciation was erected in devotion of the pious woman Maria Manca. The works began in 1618 after which, according to tradition, the Virgin...

Edificio storico

Palazzo Folonari

via Mater Gratiae, angolo via F. Ferruccio, Squinzano, (Lecce)

The main facade of Folonari Palace looks majestic but sober. The interior, whitewashed, is divided into three parts, each introduced by a large door surmounted by...