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Centro Visita Cupone - Orto Botanico Accessibile

Where Spezzano della Sila (Cosenza)

In Cupone, near Camigliatello, there is Visitor Center of Sila National Park, born from the adaptation of the spaces around a sawmill owned. Visitor Center offers itineraries with nature trails, wildlife observers, a Natural Museum, a Geological Garden (which allows the observation of the characteristics rocks of Silane territory) and a Botanical Garden wheelchair and the blind accessible, with panels and audio files mp3 explaining the various species. Natural Museum offers a multimedia room, workshops, conference room and a room dedicated to the theme "Tree", where you can enjoy samples of exhibits endangered, often stolen and used for the illegal trade. From the Center, they branch off a series of paths that reach archaeological site of Cupone, on the shores of Cecita Lake, where remains have been found dating from Neolithic and Eneolithic.

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