Luogo - Architecture


Where Traversa Campanile, 14-16, Pedace (Cosenza)

In the square next to the main church there is the imponent bell tower , stands on four levels and is 37 metres high. In the past it was all in Romanesque style, so as you can see in the painting  of  the high altar existing in the Church of Santa Maria di Monte Oliveto. The bell tower had five floors and ended at a square pyramidal cusp. This last and fifth floors were ruined after an earthquake in 1800 and in their place was built a drum on which rests a sneller dome  and a lantern where, in 1912 , were placed the three bells of the clock. The two smallest were remelted in 1977. The largest, also remelted in 1803, it is said “sister” of another placed  in Celico. It guards a time capsule placed by  mayor  Rita Pisano in memory of future generations who will have the honour of  open it. The bell tower  was again restored in 2000. In correspondence  of some corners of the bell tower there are apotropaic  masks  against  the evil eye.

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