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Where Celico (Cosenza)

Its origin is related to the birth of the farmhouses, around the 9th century, following Saracen raids towards the city of Cosenza, because of which Cosentini sought shelter in the silane area where pre-existing small villages inhabited by shepherds already existed. Located to the left of Cannavino stream, Celico is halfway between the city of Cosenza and the Silano plateau, and extends also on the plateau itself, with the hamlet of Fago del Soldato and the districts of Lagarò, Salerni, Muzzo, Torrebarone, Calamauci and Serra Giumenta. In addition, more than half of Lake Kecita falls in its territory. Around 1135 Celico gave birth to the Abate Gioacchino da Fiore, the only Calabrese quoted by Dante in the Divine Comedy. It was because of what Celico became the most important center of the farmhouses, becoming a pilgrimage destination and attended by men of culture. In the past, agriculture was the main activity of the wood industry and livestock industry. Also important for craftsmanship, such as wool, silk and fabric production, the Gelseto street also gives us information on a particular activity, namely the cultivation of mulberry trees for breeding silkworms. Today agriculture remains an important activity on the plateau and mainly concerns animal husbandry and patatine farming.

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