Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa e Convento di Santa Maria delle Grazie - Sanità

Where Strada Statale 19 delle Calabrie, 166, Cosenza

It was built in 1481 by the friars, together with the adjacent convent, in the district of Portapiana. In 1638 a violent earthquake damaged the religious complex, then restored from 1713 to 1759. In 1905 the building was almost completely destroyed by a new earthquake, and restoration work began only in 1980. Outside stands the portal in tuff decorated with twisted columns and moldings of Classical taste, work by local craftsmen. The interior, a single nave in Baroque style, with four altars on either side, has a barrel-vaulted roof, and stucco created by Paolo Antonio and Saverio Bove. On the first altar on the right, a crucifix of the sixteenth century; on the second, the Immaculate (oil on canvas, nineteenth century); it follows the painting of St. Anthony, work by F. Ronchi (1882), and the painting of St. Hippolytus (nineteenth century). On the left, the first altar is dedicated to the Madonna del Carmine with its canvas; the second contains a painting of St. Anne; the third, of St. Lucia; the fourth contains the framework of Purity. The main altar, in polychrome marble, houses the Our Lady of Health, carried out by Rocco Ferrari in 1910. In addition, you can admire a "Christ at the Column", by Giuseppe Pompeiano from Scigliano (1767). Between a painting and another, newsagents are decorated with frescoes.

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