Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo della Camera di Commercio

Where Via Calabria, 33, Cosenza

Built in 1935, is the most interesting architecture of the twentieth century in Cosenza, the most significant of contemporary Italian. The central prospectus, in Via Alimena, is characterized by a curved wall, connected to the volume of Hall of Gather with horizontal planes which break the functions. The base of the body of the building, a section of circumference, is coated with stone slabs. The top openings are shown by grids framed framed double height. On the ground floor, stand the large central atrium connected to the staircase, which are the background of the pillars of the wide curved glass, the Conference Hall and the entrance vestibule, with administrative offices and the Council Hall lit by the central grid. The interior is marked by pillars covered with marble slabs, in keeping with pale floors and the flow of light entering from the window glass cement.

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