Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa della Madonna del Carmine

Where Corso Umberto I, Cosenza

The Church of the Madonna del Carmine stands in XX Settembre Square and was built on the ruins of a former Carmelite Monastery. The building, adjacent to the monastery, was built in the early seventeenth century. In 1756 the Carmelites restored the monastery and rebuilt on new plant the Church, with vaulted stucco, placing the image of the Madonna on the high altar, called "la Bruna". In 1814, the Church was given to the Civil Hospital of the Annunciation. The interior has a single nave. Near the main altar, it is placed a fresco depicting the "Nursing Madonna" (1553). From left, some fragments of columns and capitals from the early Church. Noteworthy are also an eighteenth-century crucifix and holy water font in black stone. On the right, near the entrance, there is a niche which houses the statue of the Madonna del Carmine and a fresco of the Madonna and Child. Recently, the Church has been enriched by a sculpture of Emilio Greek, and a sixteenth-century painting from the United States.

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