Luogo - Museum

M.A.B. - Museo all'Aperto Bilotti

Where Via G. Mazzini, Cosenza

The M.A.B. is located on the main artery of the new part of the city of Cosenza. A wise plan, made possible thanks to donations from cosentini patrons Enzo and Carlo Bilotti, who sees the works of great masters such as the enigmatic and symbolic composition of "St. George and the Dragon" by Dalì, various works of Giorgio De Chirico, the "Wolf of Sila", by Calabrian artist Mimmo Rotella, and still works by Consagra, Manzù, Emilio Greco and Sasha Sosno. An outdoor exhibition along Corso Mazzini, which enables those who through it to enjoy the "art en plein air".

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