Luogo - Architecture

Piazza XI Settembre - Palazzo degli Uffici

Where Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 166, Cosenza

The Sqaure (first Duca d'Aosta) was renamed following the tragic attacks on the Twin Towers. Enlarged and completely paved, it occupies an entire block. In the center are two large space iron newsstands, used by traders for the sale of newspapers and groceries. In the Square displaying works by Mimmo Rotella, integral parts of the MAB (Open Air Museum Bilotti), including the "Monument to the culture". The Square face several shops, major bookstores in the city, the banks, up to several chains of clothing. Over all, stands the imposing Offices Palace, which houses the offices of the City outsourced. Designed in 1929 by engineer Bonetti in neo-Renaissance style, it was redesigned by architect Camillo Autore and completed in 1936. The main facade is marked by a vertical panel in relief of the pillars to its full height, with a large central monolithic courtyard on which they open, so indistinct, apertures. This wide staircase on Corso Mazzini, which emphasizes the role of institutional and monumental structure, while inside is characterized by a large entrance hall which is followed by a semi-circular staircase. The rooms are connected by a wide central corridor with the open courtyard.

Palazzo degli Uffici c
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