Piazza XI Settembre - Palazzo degli Uffici

Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 166, Cosenza

The Sqaure (first Duca d'Aosta) was renamed following the tragic attacks on the Twin Towers. Enlarged and completely paved, it occupies an entire block. In the center...

Religious building

Complesso monumentale di S. Agostino

Vico Sant'Agostino, Cosenza

The news about the arrival of the Augustinians in Cosenza are conflicting: according to some sources, a monastery of this order stood in the "village of pignatari",...

Historical building

Palazzo del Governo

Punto XV Marzo, 5, Cosenza

The Government Palace, current seat of the Provincial Administration, is located in XV March Square. Properties of lords Ferrari, in the '700 passed to the female...


Biblioteca Civica - Accademia Cosentina

Piazza XV Marzo, 7, Cosenza

The seat of Cosentina Academy is an elegant building in Neo-Classical sitle, built by the City in the '30s. Founded in 1511 by Aulo Giano Parrasio (also known as...


Galleria d'Arte Provinciale Santa Chiara

Corso Bernardino Telesio, Cosenza

The Provincial Art Gallery "St. Claire" is located in the Monastery of St. Claire, located in the heart of the historic center. The Monastery was one of the richest...


Monumento a Bernardino Telesio

Piazza XV Marzo, Cosenza

The bronze statue of philosopher Bernardino Telesio (Cosenza 1509-1588) stands in the center of XV March Square. Work of Achille Orsi, was created in 1914 and depicts...


Teatro Rendano

Via Paradiso, Cosenza

The Municipal Theatre of Cosenza, in the heart of the historical center, is dedicated to the pianist Alfonso Rendano. Built by the City, on the project of the...

Point of interest

Corso Bernardino Telesio

Corso Bernardino Telesio, Cosenza

Corso Bernardino Telesio is the main arterial road of the ancient city of Cosenza. In the sixteenth century it was known as "Street Market", for its commercial...

Religious building

Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta (Duomo)

Corso Bernardino Telesio, 18, Cosenza

The Cathedral of St. Mary Assumed is the main place of Catholic worship of Cosenza, episcopal seat of the Archdiocese of Cosenza-Bisignano. Sanctuary of the Virgin of...


MAM - Museo delle Arti e dei Mestieri

Corso Bernardino Telesio, 16, Cosenza

Museum is housed in historic building of Savings Bank in Corso Telesio. The collection consists of works of arts and crafts made by masters of the territory and...


Museo delle Rimembranze

Piazza Parrasio, 3, Cosenza

The Museum, run the Cultural Association "Bernardino Telesio," contains documentation, tools, furniture and objects related to popular culture Calabrian along with...


Museo dei Brettii e degli Enotri

Via S. Agostino, Cosenza

The Museum of Brett and Enotri, opened in 2009, is housed in the fifteenth-century monumental complex of St. Agostin. It's an important archaeological collection,...