Luogo - Religious building

Complesso monumentale di S. Agostino

Where Vico Sant'Agostino, Cosenza

The news about the arrival of the Augustinians in Cosenza are conflicting: according to some sources, a monastery of this order stood in the "village of pignatari", formerly called "Star", attached to the Chapel of St. Maria del Carmine. St. Augustine's Church presents a single nave, with a rectangular plant. The main facade has a single entrance, marked by a pointed arched portal in stone. Destroyed by fire in 1640, the Church was rebuilt and in 1753, when it was realized the ceiling in lamia and other decorative work. The convent next to the Church was suppressed in 1810, and the premises were used first as a military barracks, then a prison and finally a police station. In the Church they were buried the Bandiera brothers and their companions, then shifted in the Chapel of the Arch Death, at the Cathedral.

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