Luogo - Theatre

Teatro Rendano

Where Via Paradiso, Cosenza

The Municipal Theatre of Cosenza, in the heart of the historical center, is dedicated to the pianist Alfonso Rendano. Built by the City, on the project of the architect Zumpano, in 1887, was completed in 1909 and opened the same year with the “Aida”, by Giuseppe Verdi. The building, in Neoclassical style, has three tiers of boxes, originally decorated with paintings and stucco (destroyed during the bombing of the Second World War), particularly on the ceiling, painted by Enrico Salfi. It retains the original historical curtain, illustrating the arrival in Cosenza of the Duke of Calabria, Louis III of Naples and Margaret of Savoy, a work by the Neapolitan Paolo Vetri (1901). The facade is in Eclectic style, characterized by a large porch with pillars decorated with smooth ashlar. The upper floor is marked by pilasters that delimit the balconies. The interior, horseshoe, homes eight hundred seats, spread over three tiers of boxes and the gallery. The stage, with a depth of 14 meters, can accommodate productions of opera performances, theater, symphony concerts, dance shows and conferences. The Theater also has interior laboratories of carpentry, tailoring and makeup room.


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