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Museo dei Brettii e degli Enotri

Where Via S. Agostino, Cosenza

The Museum of Brett and Enotri, opened in 2009, is housed in the fifteenth-century monumental complex of St. Agostin. It's an important archaeological collection, from the cities and towns of the province, that embracing the span from the Upper Paleolithic (Cirella) to the Roman imperial age (III century AD). The most representative nucleus contains an important numismatic collection, with finds from citizens excavations, and kits from the enotra necropolis of Torre Mordillo (bowls, cups, jars, vases, fibulae, razors, jewelry, spearheads, knives). Of particular interest are the bronze objects of historic era from Crotone. Among the finds, archaic objects stand out from the site of Cozzo Michelicchio (Corigliano Calabro), testifying to a place of worship dedicated to a female deity. Hellenistic and Roman date back many artefacts from different areas of the province (Montalto Uffugo, Luzzi, Carolei, Cerchiara Calabria), although the most significant are those found in the city itself: the ancient metropolis of the "Confederation of Bretti", founded in 356 BC. In 2011, the Museum has appropriated an important archaeological find: a sepulchral stele from Roman times, on whose board is engraved in Greek letters the inscription "Ia, daughter of Demetrios, prejudice", indicating the name of the deceased.


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