Solofra, (Avellino)
Solofra is a town and comune in the province of Avellino, in the Campania region of southern Italy. In 2010 its population was 12,313.GeographyThe town is bordered by Aiello del Sabato, Calvanico (SA), Contrada, Montoro Superiore and Serino. Its frazioni are the villages of Sant'Agata Irpina and Sant'Andrea Apostolo.HistoryHistoryThe Collegiata di San Michele Arcangelo was built in the 16th-17th centuries., and has rich interior decoration with canvases by the Guarino family, and an altarpiece of Giovanni Battista Lama.EconomySolofra is one of Italy's most famous towns for the tanning of leather. There are more than 200 tanneries in the town. The tanning methods in Solofra are considered some of the best in Italy.ReferencesExternal links Media related to Solofra at Wikimedia Commons(Italian) Solofra official website(Italian) Local Police of Solofra(Italian) Historical site about Solofra

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