Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di Santa Lucia alla Badia

Where Via Pompeo Picherali, 4, Siracusa

Originally was site of a monastery of the fifteenth century, completely destroyed by the earthquake of 1693. The reconstruction is due to Cistercian nuns, between 1695 and 1703, and the architect Luciano Caracciolo. The facade has two overlapping orders separate from the entablature with balcony equipped with wrought iron railing. The lower order is characterized by Baroque portal at the center, framed by twisted columns supporting a pediment decorated with symbols of the martyrdom of the Saint, whose sides there are Spanish royalty stems. In the upper order are pilasters in Corinthian style, inspired by Rococo. The interior has a nave decorated with four Baroque altars from 1705 and frescoes of 1783 representing the "Triumph of Saint Lucy."

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