Luogo - Museum

Museo del Papiro "Corrado Basile"

Where Via Nizza, 14, Siracusa

Museum is located in the former Convent of Sant'Agostino, in Ortigia. Created and managed by International Institute of Papyrus, "Corrado Basile" Museum deals with the study, conservation and dissemination of the testimonies of papyrus culture. Museum is promoter of the project "Conservation of papyrus in Egypt", in which various activities are carried out, including missions of conservative restoration of the papyrus of Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Visitors can watch papyrus paperwork and have a vivid picture of the history of papyrus from its origins to today. For the completeness of the exhibits and for the teaching activity, Museum has been included in the list of prestigious European Museum of the Year Award 1995, it also houses the headquarters of Italian Institute for Egyptian Civilization, transferred from Turin to Syracuse. In 2016 Museum acquired a papyrus containing a unique fragment of De caelo, by Aristotle.

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