Luogo - Religious building

Basilica di S.Lucia al Sepolcro

Where Via Luigi Bignami, 1, Siracusa

Church, documented since 1100, was built in the same place where there was a Byzantine basilica destroyed by Arabs. Remains of Norman period are basilica plant, the facade, the portal with characteristic capitals and the first two orders of the bell tower. Subsequent additions and remodeling have changed the look beginning with the fourteenth century, which dates back to the rose window. Other interventions were made in the course of the '600 by Giovanni Vermexio, who built nearby Holy Sepulchre's Church (1629). The interior shows the rebuilding of Aragonese period, which should be ascribed to the wooden ceiling beams painted (XIV century) restored in 1940. On the right pillar of the presbytery, the column of the martyrdom of the Saint. Behind the altar it was placed a large painting "Burial of Saint Lucy" painted by Caravaggio in 1608, during his stay in Syracuse. After a series of major renovations, the painting was placed in Saint Lucy to the Abbey's Church. Holy Sepulchre has pilasters crowned by Corinthian capitals and enhanced with shells and masks decorations. The interior is covered with a dome and has a single altar at the tomb and the Saint Lucy's statue carved by Gregorio Tedeschi in 1634.

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