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Museo della Lacrimazione

Where Via del Rosario, 33, Siracusa

The Museum of Tearing is the most important of the three Museums of the Sanctuary because here are exhibited documents, photographs and newspaper articles about the "Tearing of the Madonna in Syracuse", but also a number of items related to this event as some rags used to clean the weeping statue of the Virgin Mary, the tubes and the tools used to analyze the chemical composition of these tears (that later proved human with a chemical composition similar to that of the tears of a child) but also the wooden desk at which he testified to the authenticity of the tears shed by the Virgin Mary, the trowel with which the foundation stone was erected in the Sanctuary, in 1964, used by the Cardinal of Sicily Ernesto Ruffini, the ring of the pontifical Monsignor Ettore Baranzini, who was Archbishop of Syracuse during the years in which it developed the cult to "Our Lady of Tears" (1953 - 1973), the gold cross of Bishop Sebastiano Rosso, first rector of the nascent Sanctuary, various liturgical objects including a chalice and a silver monstrance donated by the family Cassone and numerous votive rather precious.

Museo della lacrimazione c
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