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Chiesa di San Giovanni alle Catacombe

Where Piazza San Giovanni ale Catacombe,, 1, Siracusa

This Church has been recognized as ancient Cathedral built on Catacombs, the place where, according to tradition, was buried the first bishop of Syracuse, St. Marciano. Current south facade was rebuilt in the '700, with significant changes from the original. On the left you see instead ancient Norman facade, marked by the rose window and decorated by the portal. Church is an apse, three aisles, divided by twelve Doric columns so that the burial of the Saint is aligned with central altar surrounded by a balustrade. In 1428 it was built a rectangular chapel preceded by porch. Fallen into disuse, Church was granted to Carmelites of Montesanto in 1630, which inserted within a new structure differently oriented (N-S). The 1693 earthquake caused serious damage. A staircase leads to St. Marciano's crypt, still frequented by Catholics and Orthodox.

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