Riserva Naturale Integrale Grotta Monello

Contrada Perciata, Siracusa

Established in 1998, it covers about 60 hectares and is located in the eastern sector of Hyblaean Mounts. Reserve was established with the aim to protect the exceptional growth of stalactites and stalagmites and the rich cave fauna. Monello Cave was accidentally discovered in August 1948 by the landowner, following the collapse of the ground. Cave has a linear total of 540 m and is remarkable for the richness and variety of facilities of concretion. On the surface is the typical vegetation of a spurge, they are also present olive groves, almond and carob. Cave fauna is characterized by the presence of invertebrates and vertebrates. Different environments speleologists explored have also returned several archaeological finds, especially relating to the period between Upper Neolithic and early Bronze Age.

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