Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo del Vermexio (Municipio)

Where Piazza Duomo, 4, Siracusa

Also known as Palace of Senate (1629-1633) it was commissioned by the city government to architect Giovanni Vermexio and is still home to the offices of Mayor and Town Hall. It is the highest expression of Geometric style, a perfect cube, split in half lengthwise by a long balcony that separates the two levels: the lower in Renaissance style, the upper in Baroque. The first floor is set to classical schemes: large gabled windows, rusticated pilasters in Doric-Tuscan entablature decorated with triglyphs and metopes. Baroque references are identified by  masks on the shelves of the windows. Close the building a decoration with festoons. In the lobby it is parked the carriage of the Senate (1763), modeled on the Austrian sedans. In 1870 the balance of proportions was altered by the construction of a penthouse; the latest addition in the '60s, with the amalgamation a new building to expand offices. Among curiosities: on the left corner of the cornice, the architect Vermexio "signed" the work with small lizard, with reference to his own nickname; on the right hand side (corner with Via Minerva), they are instead two graffiti depicting the facade of a church, but we know neither the author nor the church.

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