Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo Borgia del Casale

Where Via Pompeo Picherali, 10 , Siracusa

Palace was built by a descendant of Borgia and Impellizzeri familes. The facade has changed compared to the original project, as result of reconstruction work of '900. The lower order shows a wall with steps, with the main portal of arched doors followed by rectangular; the higher order, in the Pompeian red, presents elaborate curved wrought iron balconies, as well as the third order. The interior has a Baroque courtyard and is decorated with frescoes and stucco. On the first floor: "Coat of Arms Room", "Living Travelers", "Arts Hall", "Hall of Cupid and Psyche", "Mirrors Hall", Alcona and Cortiletto. In addition, they are exposed original clothes of the eighteenth century with specially recreated period setting.

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