Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo Beneventano del Bosco

Where Piazza Duomo, 24, Siracusa

It is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Before being bought by Beneventano del Bosco family, in the fifteenth century it belonged to Arezzo family. The architect is Luciano Alì. The facade is divided into three horizontal pillars delimited stepped. The portal is arched and looks framed by four Corinthian columns, to hold one balcony richly worked. At the center of the facade there is a memorial plaque of the King. The entablature, style battlements, encircles the top of the front and has worked at the center a triangular pediment. The Palace has a elegamente courtyard with Baroque elements. Beyond the gate you see elegant windows and a porch with three arches. The statues placed on the terrace, watching from below, creating an effect of depth. The floor of the courtyard is an elaborate black and white cobblestones, which looks like a carpet. Inside, the rooms are richly decorated with polychrome frescoes and stucco works by Ermenegildo Martorana and Gregorio Lombardo. To note, ornate chapel with a large wooden crucifix. The furnishings are original and crystals come from Malta and Venice. Deserves attention the collection of prints depicting ancient maps of Syracuse, Sicily and Italy.

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