Luogo - Archaeological Area

Grotta del Ninfeo

Where Viale Giulio Emanuele Rizzo, 34, Siracusa

Artificial cave carved into the rock of Temenite hill, at Neapolis Archaeological Park. At the entrance they were placed statues dedicated to Muses. The fountain is inspired by Greek cult of the nymphs, gods of nature from which the cave has its name. It presents a vaulted ceiling, inside which is placed a rectangular basin which collects the flowing water cascading from the rock wall. Next to the entrance, the shrines that were used for the practice of hero worship. To the east it is visible the last water mill of the Spanish era: receiving water from the Cave and poured into the Theater after it is used for grinding grain. Nymphaeum leads to the Street of Tombs and the top of the hill where there are other Greek-Roman monuments. During a stay in Syracuse, the painter Jean-Pierre Hoüel, in the second half of the '700, represented Cave deeper than at present, with the water coming down through the Theater on which were installed the mills.

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