Sassari,  Altare di Monte d’Accoddi c
Archaeological Area

 Altare di Monte d’Accoddi

Strada Statale 131 - Km 222, 200, Sassari
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The prenuragic altar of Monted%u2019Accoddi, rising on the border of a plateau, is a unique monument not only inSardinia but in the western Mediterranean area. Its structure recalls MiddleEastern ziqqurat (3rd millennium BC), for the presence of a greatterrace in the shape of a truncated cone and a long trapezoidal flight ofstairs that leads to the terrace. The altar was built over a pre-existingstructure which had, on the top of the terrace, the so- called %u201Cred temple%u201D, arectangular sacellum plastered and painted red ochre. Its floor and partof the perimeter wall are still visible. This big structure was built duringthe last phase of the Ozieri culture (3200-2800 BC), in the middle of a villagedating from the second half of the 4th millennium BC. After the destruction(c.2800 BC) a new structure was built, what we see today. The building had areligious function over the centuries until it was abandoned. Around 1800 BC itwas sporadically used for burials. A Nuragic village (15th- 10th century BC)and a necropolis with domus dejanas tombs are in thearchaeological area.

Partially accessible to disabled people.

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