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Complesso archeologico di Nuraghe Appiu

Where Villanova Monteleone (Sassari)
The archaeological area is immersed in cork and ilex woods, in a beautiful landscape between mountains and sea. The complex consists of nuraghe Appiu (complex type nuraghe), a single tower nuraghe, a big village with about two hundred huts, a giants%u2019 tomb and two small dolmen. The trilobate nuraghe Appiu collapsed in the external part, but inside it still preserves three big chambers, one over the other. The second nuraghe, quite well- preserved, is much smaller. The huts in the village, round or quadrangular in plan, are built of superimposed stone rows with mud mortar and face little courtyards. Thanks to the discovery of millstones, mortars, pestles, jars, sharpening stones, flint and obsidian splinters, askoidi vases (with pitcher shape), pans, spindles and loom weights, it is supposed that the huts were used not only for human habitation, but also for foodstuffs and different activities as wool weaving, cereals grinding and vases baking. This area was probably a cult place. The complex dates back to the Early/First Iron Age, between 900 and 800 BC. On the contrary, the megalithic burials as giants%u2019 tomb Su Crabile (15th-10th century BC) and two small dolmen date from a Prenuragic period: they were built during the Neolithic Age (4th %u2013 3rd millennium BC) and are rare in the island but widely diffused in Europe.    Partially accessible to disabled people.
Villanova Monteleone, Complesso archeologico di Nuraghe Appiu c
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