Luogo - Theatre

Teatro Civico

Where Piazza del Teatro, Alghero (Sassari)

The Civic Theatre of Alghero is located in the heart of the historic center. Already in early '800 existed in the city the "Theatre Amateur Society", who had used a building annex to the public schools. When it was necessary to build a real theater, the Viceroy announced a public contest won by Felice Orsolini, which took over the architect Franco Poggi and finally the carpenter Lorenzo Bardino. The work began in 1858 and, more times suspended and resumed, led to the opening in 1862. The neoclassical facade is decorated by six pilasters, surmounted by Ionic capitals. Inside it can appreciate various wall decorations, especially in the proscenium. In the middle is the "Royal Box", behind which opens the foyer. The Theatre, which houses 400 seats (distributed between the stalls, three rows of boxes and a gallery) is the only building made entirely of wood in Sardinia, among the few preserved in Italy.

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