Luogo - Archaeological Area

Area archeologica Anghelu Ruyu

Where Alghero (Sassari)
The nuragic complex of Palmavera is located in north- west Sardinia, between the gulf of Alghero and the gulf of Porto Conte. It consists of a nuraghe, a big barbican (built of multilobed calcareous blocks) which connects four tower-huts, and a village all around. The nuraghe has a main tower, partially enclosed in a bastion, a courtyard, a secondary tower and a short corridor with niches. One of the tower-huts in the barbican is different from the others: it is the so-called ‘meeting hut’, typical of Nuragic villages, where a council of elders perhaps took place. It is a big round hut (8,87m diameter) with a bench along the foundation wall and a circular base in the middle in order to support a sacred sculpture. The richest families probably lived inside the barbican, while the other families outside. The village of Palmavera counts about fifty among huts (circular in plan and built of calcareous blocks) and delimited areas. The complex was built in three stages, from the 15th to the 8th century BC.
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