Luogo - Archaeological Area

Villa romana di Bussana

Where Via Aurelia Località Capo Marine, Sanremo (Imperia)

The remains of the Roman Villa of Bussana are located near the mouth of the Armea stream, in the Marine Cape. Originally, the Villa was located along the route of the Via Julia Augusta: it wasn't a simple rustic villa, but a real extra-urban residence, equipped to house owners for stays shorter or longer. The structure is made of concrete, with hanging in rectangular blocks of limestone and sandstone alternating with bricks. With the exception of a furnace and a water reservoir, it's not easy to know what was the function of conserved environments (anyway connected with domestic activities). Outside the walls of the Villa, there is a tomb of a square shape on the outside and a semicircular inside, with a niche apse to receive the statue of the deceased or the deity. The pottery from the excavation, coins and inscriptions allow us to date the Villa and the tomb between the first and second centuries AD.


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