Teatro Ariston

Corso Giacomo Matteotti, 221, Sanremo, (Imperia)

The Ariston Theatre is one of the most famous Italian movie theater. The building, majestic and futuristic at the time, was completed in 1963. Its fame is linked to...

Historical building

Casinò Municipale

Corso Imperatrice, 17, Sanremo, (Imperia)

The Municipal Casino is an Art Nouveau building designed by French architect Eugène Ferret. Opened in 1905 and operated initially by the Ferret, it worked as a...

Religious building

Concattedrale di San Siro

Piazza San Siro, Sanremo, (Imperia)

The Co-Cathedral of San Siro is the oldest religious building in Sanremo and one of the leading examples of Romanesque-Gothic architecture in western Liguria. Located...


Museo civico di Sanremo

VIA MATTEOTTI, 143, Sanremo, (Imperia)

The Civic Museum, initially Archaeological Museum, housed on the second floor of Palazzo Borea d'Olmo. The exhibition is divided into three sections: "Archaeology",...

Historical building

Palazzo Borea D’Olmo

VIA MATTEOTTI, 143, Sanremo, (Imperia)

Borea d'Olmo Palace is one of the most important Baroque buildings in western Liguria. It was built on several occasions from a Late Medieval nucleus, until it...

Archaeological Area

Villa romana della Foce

Argine Destro Torrente Foce (dietro Cimitero Monumentale), Sanremo, (Imperia)

The remains of the Roman Villa of the Foce are located near the monumental cemetery of Sanremo, near the mouth of the Rio Foce. The site, known since the seventeenth...

Archaeological Area

Villa romana di Bussana

Via Aurelia Località Capo Marine, Sanremo, (Imperia)

The remains of the Roman Villa of Bussana are located near the mouth of the Armea stream, in the Marine Cape. Originally, the Villa was located along the route of...

Point of interest

Via Matteotti

Corso Giacomo Matteotti, 138, Sanremo, (Imperia)

Via Giacomo Matteotti, known as "La Vasca", is the main artery of Sanremo, centre of exclusive and international shopping of Arab sheiks, Russian oligarchs and French...

Religious building

Chiesa di Cristo Salvatore

Via Luigi Nuvoloni, 5, Sanremo, (Imperia)

The Church of Christ the Saviour, one of the symbols of the city, is an orthodox church born at the beginning of the twentieth century at the behest of the Russian...

Historical building

Villa Nobel

Corso Cavallotti, 116, Sanremo, (Imperia)

Villa Nobel is a nineteenth-century building, in Eclectic style, set in Corso Cavallotti. Its story begins in 1870, when the pharmacist Rivoli Pietro Vacchieri...

Historical building

Villa Ormond Cavallotti, 113, Sanremo, (Imperia)

Villa Ormond, situated in the east of Sanremo, is an elegant building with garden of rare and exotic plants belonged to the Ormond family. Originally known as "Villa...


Pinacoteca Rambaldi - Villa Luca

VIA RAMBALDI, 51, Sanremo, (Imperia)

Established in 1866, the Rambaldi Collection includes a picture gallery and a library. Born from the legacy of the priest Paolo Stefano Rambaldi (1803-1865) to the...