Luogo - Historical building

Villa Nobel

Where Corso Cavallotti, 116, Sanremo (Imperia)

Villa Nobel is a nineteenth-century building, in Eclectic style, set in Corso Cavallotti. Its story begins in 1870, when the pharmacist Rivoli Pietro Vacchieri commissioned Filippo Grossi a stylish building. The Villa, surrounded by a beautiful park of valuable plants that stretched down to the sea, appeared moved by canopies and "French roofs". It was purchased in 1891 by Nobel, who entrusted its renovation to Pio Soli. The building was then raised to a plan and modified the original covers. After several changes of ownership, in the 70s the Villa was acquired by the Province of Imperia, that relies on the "Nobel Foundation" for new restorations and arrangements aimed at a Museum.

Villa Nobel c
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