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Museo civico di Sanremo

Where VIA MATTEOTTI, 143, Sanremo (Imperia)

The Civic Museum, initially Archaeological Museum, housed on the second floor of Palazzo Borea d'Olmo. The exhibition is divided into three sections: "Archaeology", "Art" and "History". The archaeological section was established in 1972 and includes permanent educational exhibition "Man and the origin of civilization in Liguria": collection of finds from the Palaeolithic and the Bronze Age, until the Roman period. The art section is a real art gallery and houses a valuable collection of paintings and sculptures from bequests and acquisitions, including the collection donated by the poet Renzo Laurano (Luigi Asquasciati, 1909-1986). Recently formed, a room devoted to the artists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (from Edward Lear to Antonio Discovolo and Antonio Rubino). Complete the exhibition a series of sculptures of the early '900 and a room dedicated to contemporary art. The historical section is housed in the "Room of Plasters", and includes testimonies of the town's history and an important collection of Garibaldi relics.

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