Luogo - Archaeological Area

Villa romana della Foce

Where Argine Destro Torrente Foce (dietro Cimitero Monumentale), Sanremo (Imperia)

The remains of the Roman Villa of the Foce are located near the monumental cemetery of Sanremo, near the mouth of the Rio Foce. The site, known since the seventeenth century, was investigated only in 1925 by the archaeologist P. Barocelli. The environments found are part of a thermal plant; walls elevation are the result of a re-use, perhaps as early as the seventeenth century, for the construction of a rural house. The excavations, continued by Lamboglia, brought to light other rooms, allowing us to identify the building as "maritime villa": large residences outside the city for summer. Currently, twelve rooms are visible: the balneum, for the exclusive use of the owner (within which are preserved many elements of the heating system); environments of rest; a service area; an open courtyard and a latrine. The findings suggest a date early to the first century AD with continuous use until the sixth century AD.

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