Luogo - Archaeological Area

MUSE' - Nuovo museo Paludi di Celano - Centro di restauro

Where località Paludi, San Marco in Lamis (Foggia)
The Museum of Prehistory is a multifunctional structure located in the surroundings of the archeological site of Le Paludi; it includes exhibition halls for temporary expositions, restoring and anthropology laboratories, a conference hall and anti-seismic deposits. The collection contains finds dated from the Bronze Age to the Roman times and illustrates the history of the Marsica as from the earliest villages of pile-houses. The archaeological excavations at Le Paludi, carried out between 1985 and 1998, brought to light a settlement dating back to the III millennium B.C. on the shore of Lake Fucino. Here the archaeologists found the bases of the pile-dwellings and a few burial mounds, dated to the Final Bronze Age, where the corpses are kept into hollow trees.
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