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Museo Civico di Apricena

Where Piazza Federico II 4, Apricena (Foggia)
The Museum of Apricena was born thanks to the collaboration between the local base of Archeoclub Italy, the Municipality and the National Park of Gargano Institution. The Archeoclub based in Apricena, has worked with the various municipal administrations to find a proper location for the many exhibits that were collected during these missions. This led to the establishment of the rooms at Palazzo Paolicelli. These buildings, built in 700 by the important Paolicelli family, are now publicly owned and located in the historic centre, this has all been possible thanks to a renovation funding proposed by the National Park of Gargano Institution. The Paolicelli building, dubbed as the "Palace of Culture", opened in March 2010 and is managed by the Archeoclub. The municipality of Apricena has created a cultural centre which includes the Municipal Museum with artefacts from palaeontology to the Middle Ages, the Municipal Library, the Archives and the Audiovisual library all devoted to the figure of Frederick II, a museum themed on the Middle Ages and the figure of the Emperor.
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