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Museo Naturalistico del Comune di Lesina

Where Via Banchina Vollaro, Lesina (Foggia)
In the town of Lesina, near the lagoon, there is the Visitor Centre of Lagoon Park. The Lesina Visitor Centre was created thanks to the passion and perseverance of some local volunteers, who in 1995 worked to find evidence and documents in order to create the first Centre for Environmental Documentation. Then in 1998, with the involvement of local government, this documentation centre became Naturmusis, one of the six sections of the Naturalistic Museum System of the province of Foggia, on “the lagoon avifauna”. Inaugurated in 2002 was the new Park Visitor Center, the Naturalistic Museum, the Ethnographic Museum entitled “la Casa del Pescatore”(Fisherman’s House) and for the first time in Europe, the Aquarium of brackish water connected to the Lesina lagoon by underground(21,000 liters of water). The naturalistic section includes an aquarium of lagoon fish species, the Naturalistic Museum has a wildlife diorama lagoon and the Botanical Garden (The Way Of Herbs) provides more information on the peculiarities that characterise the area of Lesina.
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