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Museo Etnografico del Comune di Lesina

Where Via Banchina Vollaro, Lesina (Foggia)
The Museum, significantly called “Casa del Pescatore” (Fisherman’s House) is housed inside a building belonging to the City of Lesina, located on the lakeside, intended in part to be the Visitor Centre of the National Park of Gargano. The idea of creating a museum of Venetian culture in Capitanata, was born in the ’90s, with the intention of making a modern container, equipped with “pieces” scientifically examined, that recounted the history of human presence on this territory since the beginning. With the help of the citizens of Lesina, who donated to the City objects that today constitute the endowment of the museum, they have managed to preserve the culture of the lagoon by taking the traditions and experiences related to the economy, work, life and society of men and investigating the long history of people who lived between land and water in a province known for grazing and agriculture. The Municipality has also recovered an old "sandalo" boat lagoon and has built in the town of Acquarotta an old "pagghiar" (an old stone shelter). The two rooms of the museum collect antique fishing gears, reproducing ancient and modern fishing techniques and reconstruct a typical house of Lesina, an ancient reed and thatch hut.
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