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Collezione Pasquale Mesto

Where Via Guido Minarini, 1f, San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna)

The Italjet collection was born from the ashes of the historical models exposure present in the 90 at the historic home of the motorcycle company in San Lazzaro, just outside Bologna. Creator and curator of the exhibition was that Pasquale Mesto, the closure of the factory, can not disperse the above and, in time, to integrate it with other specimens representative of the history of the company "jet winged". Today the collection collects in a small exhibition over 30 models produced in the 50 years of the Italjet life that can tell the attitude recognized its owner Leopoldo Tartarini to anticipate styles and fashion with Mistral inventiveness. All areas in which Italjet was present are represented: sports mopeds, minibikes cross, folding, sports, the trials, the maxi motorbikes, the funny bikes, racing bikes and the record. Among the most interesting is also the torpedo Cyclecar Record 250 of 1970 (with which were conquered several world speed records on the Monza track) and then again become famous models such as Pack2, Tiffany, Kit-Kat, Skipper, Ranger , Coyote, Go'Go ', Scout, Scott Trial. Finally there are some prototypes or style exercises among which we highlight the Grifon 900 1999 Triumph three-cylinder motor. Not least in support of the above, there is the possibility to found all the technical documentation produced by the house in its history, as well as the complete set of brochures and catalogs published spare parts. For most models it is also known production numbers. All this material is classified and stored digitally in order to be readily available to all the brand's fans.

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