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Museo civico del Risorgimento

Where Piazza G. Carducci, 5, Bologna

Since 1990, the museum is housed on the ground floor of Casa Carducci, where he is currently based. The exhibition is divided into five rooms, starting from the Napoleonic period until the First World War. The material on display is a selection of somewhat reduced rich heritage museum. Particular attention is devoted to the history of the city of Bologna in the Risorgimento period. On display include uniforms, weapons, uniforms, flags, paintings (among others, works by Muzzi and Ademollo) objects "patriotic" in general but also prints, newspapers and manifesti.Il museum was inaugurated in 1893. Placed in a room on the ground floor of the Civic Museum, offered a very nice set-up, even from a scenic point of view, the walls adorned with the coats of arms of cities in the region and busts of the great protagonists of the Italian Risorgimento. In the windows were exhibited documents, memorabilia, medals: one mole of material whose collection had already begun ten years before the opening of the museum, on the occasion of the National Exhibition of Turin (1884) in which he was set up a pavilion on the Italian Risorgimento. To this were added other core materials in 1888, the year of celebrations for the eighth centenary of the Study and Exposition of Emilia to Bologna. In this context, in San Michele in Bosco was set up the "Temple of the Risorgimento." The success of the show was that the City Council voted to establishment of the Museum of Risorgimento.Il museum closed to the public during the Second World War, it was reopened in 1954 under the new name of "Museo Civico of the first and second Risorgimento "to connect the Risorgimento with the Resistance. In the following decades, the show has undergone several ups and downs with re-stagings and closures.

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